Stewart & Jasper Orchards


Newman, CA


Stewart & Jasper Orchards has a long-standing commitment to sustainable business practices. Their commitment to using renewable solar power to run their facilitites and operations is a clear demonstration of their financial, environmental and social responsibility. Stellar Energy, with expertise in California's Agricultural and Food & Beverage industries, built Stewart & Jasper's Phase II 777.6 kW DC solar project. 

Only 2.75 acres of the orchards were utilized for this fixed-tilt ground mount solar system producing an estimated 1,300,000 kWhs in the first year. Assuming the system's life is 30 years, the environmental benefits include offsetting 25,942 metric tons of carbon dioxide, as well as offsetting the electricity used by 3,690 homes.

We continue our commitment to Stewart and Jasper as our PV System Performance Group keeps the system operating optimally by monitoring the system's output and routinely conducting preventative maintenance.


  • Energy Capacity: 778 kW DC
  • # of Modules: 8,362 PV Moduels
  • Type of Mount: Ground mount PV system
  • Type of Inverter: Advanced Energy inverters
  • Monitoring System: Deck data monitoring with weather station

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