Moreland Elementary School District


San Jose, CA


Stellar Energy designed, engineered, installed, commissioned, and is currently monitoring the operations and maintenance of the solar systems at 7 Moreland school district sites in San Jose. The project was constructed in two phases and met all time and budget milestones while children and staff were at school. The first phase included carports, roof mounts, and shade structures for Country Lane Elementary, Moreland Middle School, and the District offices. The second phase included solar carports for Anderson, Baker, Easterbrook, and Payne Elementary Schools.


  • Energy Capacity: 1.16 MW DC (7 sites)
  • # of Modules: 4196
  • Type of Mount: Carports, roof mounts, and shade structures
  • Type of Inverter: Advanced Energy inverters
  • Monitoring System: Deck and Draker monitoring systems with weather station