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13 June 2014

Agriculture business flips the switch on new solar panels

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Bonipak Farms Goes Solar

A produce company in the Santa Maria Valley is now farming more than food. It's also harvesting solar energy.

Thursday, Bonipak turned on a 1.3 mega-watt solar panel system.
A mega watt is the equivalent of 1 million watts.

The project will save 14 million gallons of water that the business would use to generate electricity.

"Essentially, the solar system's producing power that's off-setting their direct loads, so it's simply power that they don't buy from PG&E," said Ted Walsh, president of Stellar Energy.

Don Klusendorf, the director of sales and marketing at Bonipak, says, "We consider ourselves leaders of being sustainable and being social responsible. This is just one more thing of what we do."

Bonipak says the project will pay for itself in a few years.
It's expected to save more than $10 million in the next 30 years.

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22 May 2014

Stellar Energy Joins White House Clean Energy Initiative by Bringing 50MW of Solar to Over 40 Farms and Food Processors in Next 3 Years

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Stellar Energy is doing its part to advance the clean energy economy.

Stellar Energy, one of the nation's foremost large-scale solar developers and integrators, has committed to installing 50 megawatts for farmers and agricultural companies over the next three years as part of an executive action by President Obama announced to advance the clean energy economy.

"Farmers, food processors and others in the agricultural value chain understand that going solar isn't a fad. It is becoming one of the hallmarks of fiscal and environmental responsibility," said Ted Walsh, President of Stellar Energy.

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20 May 2014

President Obama Announces Solar Commitments

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Stellar Energy Among Leaders in the Industry to Contribute to President Obama's Execute Actions on Solar Energy!

In April 2014, The White House hosted a Solar Summit, providing an opportunity for leaders in the industry to discuss the economic opportunities that can be found in the sector.

One such leader, Stellar Energy, has committed 50 megawatts for farmers and agricultural companies as part of the executive action announced by President Barack Obama.

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09 May 2014

Stellar Energy generates global recognition for its solar clients from White House!

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Stellar Energy to contribute 50 MW of solar to the White House Clean Energy Initiative

Stellar Energy joins the White House Clean Energy Initiative by bringing 50 MW of solar to over 40 farms and food processors in the next 3 years.  Bonipak and Taylor Farms are set to collaborate with Stellar and Soligent on the first two projects!

Read More in the Press Release Here

27 February 2014

NY Senator Commends Stellar Energy's Work In Solar

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Senator Nozzolio helps dedicate the municipal solar project at the Seneca County Law Enforcement Center

Seneca Commencement Stellar Energy partners to deploy successful solar project in Seneca, NY.

27 February 2014

Stellar Energy Partners for Successful Solar Project

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The Quarterback Scores Again With Solar

Seneca SystemStellar Energy partners to deploy successful solar project in Seneca, NY

26 September 2013

Stellar Energy in PVSolar Report

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PVSolar Report Covers Stellar Energy Mining and Quarry Projects

Mines, quarries and other industrial facilities are going solar to decrease operating costs and reduce dependence on grid electricity. Stellar Energy has completed multiple solar power projects for quarry and mining facilities. 

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28 August 2012

Stellar Energy in US Builders Review

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Solar Power Solutions That Make a Difference

Stellar Energy was recently featured in US Builders Review - 'The industry leading construction journal'. 

 Click here to read the 2 page article "Solar Solutions that Make a Difference"

08 December 2011

Stellar Energy's Industrial Solar: 100% Solar Powered Quarry

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Awarded Top Project in the North Bay

BoDean Company Mark West Rock Quarry achieves a first in solar. With the largest solar powered rock quarry in the western United States, and the first all solar facility of its kind in the industry, the BoDean Company has taken the use of photovoltaic cells and sustainability to the next level.

Stellar Energy was the general contractor for this project. Lear more about this Industrial Solar Case Study

See the complete article at North Bay Business Journal

04 November 2011

Stellar Energy Completes Installation for Honda

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Includes Solar Powered Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

American Honda Motor has unveiled its 100kW solar-cell demonstration project at Honda Performance Development (HPD) in Santa Clarita, California featuring 800 thin-film CIGS solar panels manufactured by Honda Soltec. The project was designed and installed by Stellar Energy and includes a roof, carport and load dock canopy installation at the HPD headquarters and is said to be one of Honda's largest solar installations to date.

The 100kW system includes solar tracking and is designed power to power electric vehicle charging stations. The PV system's energy output is monitored in real-time through an Internet-based monitoring system.

"The installation of Honda Soltec solar panels along with an electric vehicle charging station at one of our most advanced Honda facilities in the United States represents a big step for us in our solar product development," said Mike Hodge, manager of Honda Home Energy for the Power Equipment Division of American Honda Motor. "What we learn from this new project at HPD will provide real-world data and feedback on the use of Honda solar cells in a typical commercial application."

Click here to see an interview with Mike Hodge who explains the project.

Click here to download a fact sheet with complete project details.

05 October 2011

North Bay Business Journal Features Sonoma Mountain Village Solar Project

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Dedication of New Solar Installation Project in Sonoma

An article in North Bay Business Journal, published on October 4, featured the dedication of the Sonoma Mountain Village solar installation project, which is being installed by Stellar Energy.

The article highlights, "The solar arrays, provided by Stellar Energy, are comprised of 4,928 solar panel modules, generating electricity that when combined with the existing on-site solar, will allow Sonoma Mountain Village to offset 100 percent of its electric needs from on-site renewable power."

For more details, see the complete article: Large RP Solar Array Activated.