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13 June 2014

Agriculture business flips the switch on new solar panels

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Bonipak Farms Goes Solar

A produce company in the Santa Maria Valley is now farming more than food. It's also harvesting solar energy.

Thursday, Bonipak turned on a 1.3 mega-watt solar panel system.
A mega watt is the equivalent of 1 million watts.

The project will save 14 million gallons of water that the business would use to generate electricity.

"Essentially, the solar system's producing power that's off-setting their direct loads, so it's simply power that they don't buy from PG&E," said Ted Walsh, president of Stellar Energy.

Don Klusendorf, the director of sales and marketing at Bonipak, says, "We consider ourselves leaders of being sustainable and being social responsible. This is just one more thing of what we do."

Bonipak says the project will pay for itself in a few years.
It's expected to save more than $10 million in the next 30 years.

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