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Solar for Agriculture
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Solar for Agriculture

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As one of the nation's top providers of commercial-scale solar systems, Stellar Energy is unmatched in delivering experience for the Agricultural and Food & Beverage companies. We focus on maximizing return on investment, optimal savings per acre, system reliability, and responsive customer service to ensure client satisfaction.

With 30+ years as a leading solar provider, the Stellar Energy team has delivered an unparalleled amount of solar projects within California's agricultural sector, including rooftop and ground-mounted systems, tracking systems, and parking canopies.

 View our case studies for Solar for Agriculture.

How NEM-A Can Help Your Business Go Solar

In March of 2014, PG&E finally began accepting applications for their Aggregate Net Metering program also referred to as NEM-A enacted by SB 594, with other California Utilities (including SCE & SDG&E) soon to follow.  This new version of net metering, known as “meter aggregation,” allows landowners to choose the best location for solar or wind on their property and then use the power generated to offset their bills from any of their electricity meters on the same or contiguous properties. Contiguous properties must be owned, leased, or rented by the same owner as the property where the energy facility is located.

nemaAs shown here, from the NEM-A document diagram: a road does not interrupt that continuity of eligibility.  An existing meter can be used as the master meter if the switch gear is large enough, or a new generation meter can be requested depending on the size of the system.

Aggregate net metering provides cost advantages as it is cheaper to build and own a single energy production facility that yields the same energy output as many smaller systems. A perfect example is where there are multiple pumps on meters that vary in usage and span long distances.  In the past, these would turn out expensive because each one of these many small arrays was required to be individually interconnected to a meter possibly miles away. Now, the customer-generator will be able to use the sum of the load of the aggregated meters for purposes of establishing the maximum size renewable generation system to be used for net metering purposes. However, the existing maximum size limit (1 MW) for net-metered generation facilities will apply to customer-generators applying under the NEM-A program. Also, each utility will only accept 5% cap of aggregate demand making this the time to explore this opportunity before the program is full.

This is a huge advantage to many businesses with multiple meters where solar previously did not seem feasible.  With the 60% drop in the cost of PV modules in the past few years and now with programs like NEM-A, solar projects make smart business sense with returns on investment typically as low as 3-4 years and millions of dollars savings in avoided utility bills. Overall NEM-A provides a way for customers with multiple meters to use on-site sustainable generation more efficiently and economically.

Solar: the Perfect Pairing for Wineries

Employing solar energy at wineries is a proven concept and is increasingly being employed by other farmers. Agricultural businesses, such as fruit and vegetable farms and wineries that already depend on the sun to grow their crops have been early adopters of solar energy.


In addition to the solar energy savings, most farm owners understand how solar energy fits their plan of long term sustainability. For the many businesses that sell consumer products, the benefits extended to positive brand recognition, increased loyalty and support from their customers, and an edge in a competitive marketplace.

Find out why some of the top wineries in world chose Stellar Energy to successfully manage their solar projects.