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Investor-Owned Utilities

As a hybrid developer, Stellar Energy analyzes all technical and financial elements of developing large-scale solar power plants. We can manage all aspects of the project, from initial site feasibility, to complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC), to commissioning of the system, and the ongoing operations and maintenance.

Stellar Energy is uniquely positioned to develop utility-scale solar photovoltaic systems with its:

  • Large scale construction management experience
  • Strong financial backing for insurance and bonding
  • Decades of experience in serving the energy sector

New Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) laws mandate electric utilities to increase their procurement of electricity from renewable-energy sources.

For example, California's investor-owned utilities (IOUs) are required to use renewable energy to produce 33% of their power by 2020. A significant source of this power will be generated with new solar energy projects.

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