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PV Services Group
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PV Services Group

PV Services Group

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Operations & Maintenance are critical components of managing solar energy facilities and usually discussed pre-construction to ensure the long term viability of your solar investment. In addition to serving Stellar Energy constructed facilities, our PV Services Group's expertise are available to all solar power generation owners.

Stellar Energy's team has extensive experience in optimizing solar energy facility's performance via an O&M service agreement. Contracting O&M service with Stellar Energy ensures your warranty maintenance requirements for equipment, like inverters are fulfilled according to the manufacture's requirements.

Solar System Monitoring Solutions

Our remote monitoring services provide constant surveillance and a detailed analysis on your solar power plant's performance to prevent failure and guarantee ROI on your system.

Solar System Repair Service

If our team detects any issue, we immediately alert a field technician to resolve the problem quickly.

Preventative Maintenance

Inverter maintenance (per manufactures' guidelines) and complete component testing keeps your PV system functioning effectively and maintains your solar equipment warranty.

Solar PV Module Cleaning

By understanding your specific solar systems' optimized potential, Stellar Energy ensures your solar arrays' module cleaning schedule is carried out in the most efficient manner.

Let us design a cost effective O&M schedule that includes both preventative and reactive maintenance for increased plant productivity and these benefits:

  • Minimized downtime
  • Optimized energy production, resulting in maximized financial returns on your asset.
  • Maximized lifetime performance system lifespan
  • Remain fully informed about the performance and health of your system.

Download the Stellar Energy Operations & Maintenance White Paper